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Southern Flinders Dressage Club!


Southern Flinders Dressage Club is situated at the spacious Murray Town Oval, South Australia.

Southern Flinders Dressage Club was founded in 2011 to provide competitive and training opportunities for riders, using accredited judges and coaches. As a club, we strive to maintain a positive and professional environment, where riders are encouraged to advance through the levels of dressage. We welcome riders of all ages and abilities, and strongly promote the participation of Junior riders.

Southern Flinders Dressage Club is affiliatedjana & winnie with the Horse Riding Clubs Association of Victoria (HRCAV) and Equestrian Australia (EA). Affiliation with EA gives our club access to nationally qualified judges and coaches, and allows us to hold official competitions at which EA members can earn qualifications for State level dressage events. Affiliation with the HRCAV enables our club to host a variety of competitive and training events. The HRCAV also offers a very good Personal Accident Insurance that covers its members for all HRCAV-related activities.

The Southern Flinders Dressage Club event calendar consists of both official and unofficial competitions, as well as training days, clinics, and themed days (e.g. “Harness Horse”, “Unite in Pink”). Each year, we hold a Winter Series, and our Club Championships.

Southern Flinders Dressage Club has a website and a public Facebook page, enabling easy access to information about the club’s events and news.

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